'Osama Bin Laden is trying to make the world a better place.'
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by Brainix on 2006-02-01 05:12:58
It's taboo to say anything positive about terrorists. But it's blind to not recognize their positive traits.

Osama Bin Laden is fearless and intelligent. And, as misguided as he may be, I believe that he is trying to make this world a better place.

And that's more than I can say for the American leaders who never hesitate to fatten their wallets.
by metric on 2006-02-01 05:43:17
The balance of power in the world is strongly skewed toward the United States Military. The sovereignty of "rogue states" is being threatened based on those state's resources. The USSR isn't there to check US power anymore. It's clear to me that the EU is being forced to unite in an attempt to counter the US on foreign policy.

The argument I'm trying to raise is that the US was founded on the importance of seperation of power. Here it is today absorbing all the power it can, either from its own people or from foreigners.

The attacks by Osama have brought attention to this inbalance of power to the people of the world. In the US, the reasons for the attacks have been propagandized. The US government says they hate us because we are free?

The attack on Iraq was to leverage OPEC. If Osama is trying to wake the US public up as to what our government is really motivated by, then I think he is trying to make the world a better place.
by anonymous on 2006-03-07 18:24:02
I agree with the motion because e all have our opinions and like everyone else Osama Bin Laden is entitiled to an opinion. There is no massive difference between making the world a better place by force and making the world a better place by diplomacy.
by DavidMcJannet on 2006-05-23 00:50:00
He is certainly extremely dedicated to his philosiphy. He is incredibly misguided, but he is doing what it is that he believes is right.
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by anonymous on 2006-10-01 02:30:19
Bin Laden is trying to improve the life for his favorite people. He is not trying to improve life for everybody. He operates on a Win-Lose scenario, in which he makes things better in one area while making things worse in another.

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