'The right to freedom of expression does not imply the right to offend religious beliefs.'
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by barabum on 2006-02-05 21:53:02
Religious beliefs are offensise by themselves to non-believers or to other religions. Protecting religious beliefs is an unfair propositions from the start.
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80% · Tolerance
by metric on 2006-02-04 23:34:16
In order to have freedom of expression, a society needs tolerance of expression. It is the responsibility of the listener to be tolerant of what is being told, no matter how offensive it is. The listener can either choose not to listen, or to criticize the offensive expression. Religious beliefs, no matter how much emotion is involved, should not be considered different from any other belief.
67% · Weakness
by Brainix on 2006-02-06 01:22:26
If you can be offended, then your beliefs are weak. Do yourself a favor and consider a more stable belief structure.

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