'linux will eventually overtake microsoft'
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by anonymous on 2006-07-20 06:41:02
No no, you have it all wrong, as much as people chant they want freedom, this isn't necessarily the case. What people really want is the ability to make an easy decision, unclouded by any reasons that may dampen this process. At the moment, Windows is the OS of choice not because it may be the best or the most reliable...we all know that. It's all about what takes the least amount of effort. Take the DVD-Audio versus Super Audio CD war that recently occurred. Who was the victor in this battle? No one, because it wasn't made apparent enough for the average consumer to grasp onto either side, nor was either shoved down the consumer's throat as "the one to own". For those unaware, neither proved to be the "easy" choice, thus, both failed. Look to the new "VHS versus Betamax" battle in HD-DVD and Blue-ray for future proof of this. I have a feeling that in this case, the current incarnations of the next generation movie formats will end up much like the next generation audio formats. DVD's and Windows will be in the majority's favor for quite some time.
by anonymous on 2008-02-04 16:59:46
this is the fallacy of The Stupid Tech Example

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